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Natural False Eyelash Curler

Natural False Eyelash Curler

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Introducing the Portable Electric Eyelash Curler – your secret to effortlessly stunning lashes. This innovative tool combines convenience and performance, delivering long-lasting, natural-looking curls that enhance your eyes and makeup. Experience the power of a hot eyelash curler that transforms your lashes with precision and ease. Whether you're aiming for a natural look or enhancing false eyelashes, this makeup tool is your go-to companion for achieving that perfect curl. Elevate your beauty routine with the Portable Electric Eyelash Curler – the ultimate solution for glamorous lashes that stand out and make a lasting impression.




Product Details:
Product name: Electric eyelash curler
Rated voltage: 230-300mAh
Power Type: Battery Powered
Battery: 230mAh
Temperature range: 40-60℃
[Temperature 2 gears] 1 gear - [green light 65 degrees], 2 gears [blue light 85 degrees]

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